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Multiple Account.

Can I register more than 1 account?

You can have as many accounts as you want for your single or multiple business, depends on your need. The only things that you need to use different email for each account. Some merchant use 3 accounts for 1 business. This is to divide the categories product based on individual performance and most of the team is the sales person.


I have 1 business, but I have multiple websites, can I use 1 account for all websites

Yes, you can if:

  1. You are using Unique Payment Form (Collection) / Universal Payment Form for your payment solution.
  2. If you want to use shopping cart, you only can use 1 shopping cart to 1 website only, while other website is using Unique Payment Form (Collection) / Universal Payment Form.

No, you can’t if:

You want to use shopping cart to all of the websites. Please take note that 1 plugin is only for 1 shopping cart for 1 website. 1 paybats account is connected to only 1 plugin.


I have more than 1 business, can I use 1 account for all of my business?



If I register second account, can I have a discount on that second registration?

Our subscription fee is the lowest in the market compared what we have offered. We are sorry but you need to pay the same amount for other additional accounts.


Can I register one email for multiple account?

No. You must have different email for different account. Each email is considering as a username for a specific account.


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