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Upgrading from Basic to Advance.

Now, we are offering a new package called “Advance Package” for all new and existing merchant to enjoy more functions and features compared to the current “Basic Package”. To view what is the different between both packages, simply click here.

Can I upgrade from basic yearly package to advance yearly package?

Yes, you can

What do I need to do to upgrade package?

These are the few steps for you to upgrade package:

  1. Go to Settings > Subscription
  2. Click on “Upgrade Subscription”
  3. Auto calculation will be performed there for how much you will need to pay for upgrading
  4. You make the payment
  5. After we received the payment, we will change your account status from Basic to Advance

When will the next payment due being charged to me?

We will charge you the next payment after 1 year from your change status date

Can I downgrade from advance yearly package to basic yearly package?

Sorry, no you can’t.

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