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Failed Transaction.

There are lot of reason why your customer’s payment is FAILED. Due to this, we had enhanced our DASHBOARD to check with the BANK and PAYMENT GATEWAY what is the reason and why is this happens.

Where to check the Payment Status

  1. Login to your Dashboard.
  2. Go to Transaction > List
  3. Select the transaction preferred.
  4. Scroll down to the Payment Info section and focus on the Response from Visa / MasterCard / FPX / Banks field.
  5. You will see the Payment Status response from Visa / MasterCard / FPX / Banks.


Where does this response come from?

This responses comes from Visa / MasterCard / FPX / Banks

So this is not a response from PayBats?

No. PayBats only received the response and display the response in the Dashboard. In other words, if the response is “Bank Declined Transaction” meaning the bank of the customer, declined the transaction and PayBats has nothing to do with this.


Detail Response & Meaning

Here are the lists of response from the Visa / MasterCard / FPX / Banks for your reference.

Transaction Type Code Message from payment processor
Credit Card 0 Transaction Successful
Credit Card ? Transaction status is unknown
Credit Card 1 Unknown Error
Credit Card 2 Bank Declined Transaction
Credit Card 3 No Reply from Bank
Credit Card 4 Expired Card
Credit Card 5 Insufficient funds
Credit Card 6 Error Communicating with Bank
Credit Card 7 Payment Server System Error
Credit Card 8 Transaction Type Not Supported
Credit Card 9 Bank declined transaction (Do not contact Bank)
Credit Card A Transaction Aborted
Credit Card C Transaction Cancelled
Credit Card D Deferred transaction has been received and is awaiting processing
Credit Card F 3D Secure Authentication failed
Credit Card I Card Security Code verification failed
Credit Card L Shopping Transaction Locked (Please try the transaction again later)
Credit Card N Cardholder is not enrolled in Authentication scheme
Credit Card P Transaction has been received by the Payment Adaptor and is being processed
Credit Card R Transaction was not processed – Reached limit of retry attempts allowed
Credit Card S Duplicate SessionID (OrderInfo)
Credit Card T Address Verification Failed
Credit Card U Card Security Code Failed
Credit Card V Address Verification and Card Security Code Failed
Credit Card No Code Unrecognized Response Code sent by Payment Processor



Transaction Type Code Message from payment processor
FPX 0 Approved
FPX 3 Invalid Merchant
FPX 5 Seller Account Closed
FPX 12 Invalid Transaction
FPX 13 Invalid Amount
FPX 14 Invalid Buyer Account
FPX 20 Invalid Response
FPX 30 Transaction Not Supported For Model Or Format Error
FPX 31 Invalid Bank
FPX 39 No Credit Account
FPX 45 Duplicate Seller Order Number
FPX 46 Invalid Seller Exchange Or Seller
FPX 47 Invalid Currency
FPX 48 Transaction Limit Exceeded
FPX 51 Insufficient Funds
FPX 53 No Saving Account
FPX 57 Transaction Not Permitted
FPX 61 Withdrawal Limit Exceeded
FPX 65 Withdrawal Frequency Exceeded
FPX 70 Invalid Serial Number
FPX 72 Duplicate Exchange Order Number
FPX 76 Transaction Not Found
FPX 77 Invalid Buyer Name Or Buyer ID
FPX 78 Decryption Failed
FPX 79 Host Decline When Down
FPX 80 Buyer Cancel Transaction
FPX No Code Unrecognized Response Code sent by Payment Processor



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