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Setting up merchant business profile.

Merchant business profile is the most important part in this Dashboard. This is the most compulsory data that you need to update in order to ensure your account is active. PayBats has the right to freeze your account if you failed to update the correct information in this section especially when you supply a fake information.


  1. Click on the submenu “Profile”.

**insert setting-profile image**

  1. Refer to the Personal & Business Particulars section.
    ** insert personal & business form image **
  2. Please insert the related fills.
  3. If you have insert all, click on the “Save” button at the bottom of the page.

Below are the details of the elements in the table:

Item Detail
Full Name Your full name as per IC
Contact Number The contact number that will be used between you and PayBats.
Email The email will be used between you and PayBats. PayBats will send all reminder / notification / invoice / updates / announcement to this email.
Avatar The avatar will appear in your PayBats Dashboard, your Universal / Unique Payment Form and Receipt
Business Category Your business category
GST No The GST number will appear in your buyer’s receipt.
Business Registration No The business registration number will appear in your header & buyer’s receipt


Please take note that :

  1. Please insert a correct information regarding your business.


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