Accept Offline (POS) and Online Payment at your Retail Store

You need to give yourself as many opportunities to succeed in your retail business as possible. One way is to stay up to date on the preferred methods of payments for your customer base. 

It’s common to accept cash and credit card payments from customers. But if those are the only payment options you accept, you could be turning away new customers and missing out on opportunities to deepen relationships with existing ones.

By understanding the benefits of the many payment options available, you can decide which makes sense for your store and your customers. Then, with the help of a flexible retail point-of-sale (POS) system, you can begin accepting most payment options with ease, creating better customer experiences and nurturing repeat business.

Retail Offline Payment

PAYBATS provides payment solutions for offline transactions could either involve uploading transaction details through real-time processing. You will catch the buyer’s payment with order details in real-time payment system with our payment link. Definitely, you are immediately get the payment link upon sign up with PAYBATS.

Retail PayNGo

PayNGo In Retail Shop

Our universal payment link can be displayed as a QR code which brings convenience to customers. How? Customers just have to scan the provided QR code and proceed to checkout via the payment form. This cashless payment collection method will increase efficiency as you don’t need a cashier.

QR Payment

Paid Upon Delivery

The payment link or QR code can be printed into your physical order form, invoice or receipt. Customers will then be able to proceed to make payment according to PAYBATS step by step instructions when they are using the payment link or QR code.

Chat & Pay Payment

ChatNPay Via Online Communication Tools

You may promote your products or services through Whatsapp, WeChat, Telegram, Line, Snapchat, etc. With PAYBATS, you can easily collect payment from customers via above online communication tools.

Traditional offline payment records will indicate the transaction is finalized on a later date. Offline payment methods don’t charge customers on the spot. Instead, offline payment methods are meant to store the customers’ information for processing manually afterwards. Now, PAYBATS can help to arrange your cash flow and customers’ purchase data more efficiently with our technology.

If you need to integrate your e-businesses with PAYBATS payment channels and enable your business operation system to accept online payment, such as VISA, Mastercard, Unionpay, internet banking (FPX), E-wallet (Touch N Go Wallet, Boost, Grabpay, Maybank QR Pay and Alipay), we are able to assist you!

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