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Setting up merchant avatar.

The avatar is designed to be a part of merchant’s branding. You can choose either to upload your picture as the avatar, or you can choose to upload your business logo.



The avatar appears in 3 places. First, in your dashboard, below the PayBats logo.
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Second, also in the dashboard, right, on top of the header.
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Third, the avatar appears on your Universal / Unique payment form business header.
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Changing the Avatar

To change the avatar, simply go to Setting > Profile.
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Under the “Personal & Business Particular”, scroll down to the avatar.
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Click on the button “Select file”, and browse you image.
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Next, scroll down and click “Save”

You should see your avatar is now changed.
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Please take note that :

  1. The image for avatar must be either jpeg or png format.
  2. The best size for the image is 300 px x 300 px with 72 dpi.


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