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Dispute Process Overview.

Notification about the dispute

We will notify you by email about the dispute, mentioning the payment transaction/(s) and the reason of chargeback, if provided by the bank.

Review the chargeback

If you believe the cardholder purchase is a valid transaction, read over the chargeback notification details and collect the supporting documentation that provides confirmation that the purchase was valid as agreed upon prior to the sale.

In order to represent the chargeback, review the chargeback and explain to us the chain of events that took place.

  1. In case the goods/services have not been provided, review the issue and let us know if the customer is willing to accept the goods/services.
  2. In case the goods/services have been provided, share the proof of deliveries, invoices, any other authorized proof of product/service delivery. Documents required include a third party shipping receipt, tracking number, or signature confirmation to prove delivery of an item.
  3. In case of a duplicate payment made, share the proof of deliveries, invoices, any other authorized proof of product/service delivery of items sold.
  4. In any case of subscription / recurring transactions, share the signed contract or other proof to show that services were provided.
  5. If you sold a digital good, we may request evidence that the buyer downloaded your product.

Should you refund the cardholder directly via cash, check, bank transfer, or another method without informing PayBats, you could potentially lose both the chargeback and refund amount hence any circumstance of refund performed directly to the cardholder, PayBats must be notified immediately.

Share documents

Share all documents as per the requirement of the bank with us. We will represent the dispute on your behalf. Banks generally provide a window of 5 working days to represent the chargeback. Failure to do so within the specified window will increase the number of chargebacks lost by you.


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