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Settlement Terms.

Please read the terms for settlement to ensure you get paid

There a few terms and condition that merchant need to be aware when it comes to settlement of merchant’s money from PayBats

  1. Merchant’s account must be active. Meaning, if the account is inactive due to no subscription payment made, there will be no settlement from PayBats. You cannot receive your payment from PayBats until your subscription fees is settled.
  2. The minimum settlement amount is RM100. Meaning, if the amount is less than RM100, PayBats will not transfer the money to you.
  3. To proceed with settlement, merchant need to provide document identification to PayBats for verification and subject to approval.
  4. Merchant must provide valid account name and number from a local bank to PayBats via the dashboard.
  5. We may request for proof of delivery for selected transaction to proceed with the settlement.
  6. Suspicious transaction is subjected for verification from issuing bank and our payment schedule cycle will not applicable for this type of transaction.
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