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Proof of Settlement.

Proof of settlement from Dashboard

PayBats will upload the proof of settlement receipt to the Dashboard every time payment is made by PayBats to the merchant. You can view the proof of settlement under the Payment menu.

  1. Login to your dashboard.
  2. On the menu, go to Payment > List.

**insert menu-payment-submenu**

  1. You will see a list of payments received to your account.

**insert settlement-list**

  1. To view the detail of which transaction is being paid, simply click the button “View.” You will see a list of transactions that related to the settlement from PayBats.

**insert transaction list**

Proof of settlement from eBanker Bank Islam

Once the settlement is being made by PayBats, you will receive a notification from Bank Islam telling you that PayBats has sent the settlement to your account. Please refer to this screenshot below for the example of notification.

**insert bank-islam-settlment-proof-email**

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